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Contributors: Vol 7, No 4 - October 2023

Amy Thynne is a lecturer for New Zealand Tertiary College and has been in the early childhood field for over 25 years in a range of different roles and settings. Amy has worked in various childcare centres and has also been involved in the home-based care sector as an educator, a coordinator and as a manager. Amy is interested in all areas of ECE, and is particularly passionate about environments that are inclusive and respectful, with free play, loose parts and all that is natural and sustainable.

Elizabeth Polley is a senior academic staff member in early childhood education at Open Polytechnic / Te Pūkenga. She completed her Masters in 2021 with her thesis titled ‘Mentoring and power relations within student lecturer relationships in Aotearoa New Zealand’. Elizabeth has research interests in mentoring, student teacher relationships with mentors, and authentic connections for student teachers in Initial Teacher Education.

Fiona Woodgate has over 18 years’ experience in the early childhood education context. Fiona has applied her experience of early childhood education within the role of Program Leader (Field Practice) for New Zealand Tertiary College, and is particularly interested in relationship dynamics with a focus on how these affect the ability to lead and mentor others. Recent research and Master studies have focused on the role of critical reflection in understanding the why of practice, and how this leads to quality within early childhood teaching and environments.

Janice Pennells is an early childhood teacher with 22 years involvement in the ECE sector. She began her journey in early childhood education with the Playcentre movement where she worked as a supervisor, facilitator of parent education, and member of the administration support team. For the past 17 years she has been employed in a community preschool in a rural South Island township. During this time, she has studied with New Zealand Tertiary College, completing a Bachelor of Education and Master of Education (Early Childhood Education). She also holds a Diploma in Child Protection and is a current NZTC Alumni member.

Joy McLelland has 15 years’ experience in the early childhood sector, starting off as a kaiako, entering leadership positions and has now been with New Zealand Tertiary College for over five years. She is passionate about encouraging teachers to find their unique identities within their own professional values and beliefs. Joy has a dual role at NZTC, where she is a lecturer and is also part of the Pastoral Support Team. Her Pastoral Support role includes supporting students with any issues that arise during their studies, supporting their overall wellbeing. Her belief is that as a college, NZTC provides wraparound support for its students as they navigate the vital, yet sometimes challenging roles they are pursuing.

Kerry Glen is a lecturer for New Zealand Tertiary College, with over 10 years’ experience working in early childhood education, both in teacher and head teacher roles. She has a Postgraduate Cerificate in Education with a focus on teacher leadership. Kerry has mentored a number of teachers through ECE study and registration, and has an interest in teacher self-efficacy research, as well as a passion for music education for children.

Maddie Hendrie has been a lecturer at New Zealand Tertiary College since 2019 and is currently Associate Teacher Support. She has a background in Playcentre, home based care and early childhood centres having been an assistant manager, operational manager and head teacher. Maddie also has considerable experience working with adults, including being an Associate Teacher, leading workshops and mentoring learners for teacher registration. This interest in educational leadership has developed into a passion for Maddie, which she uses to help bring out the best in others and is an area that she would like to research further in the future.

Sanitra Deo brings a wealth of experience and commitment to early childhood education in her role as a lecturer at New Zealand Tertiary College since 2017. She has over a decade of hands-on experience in the ECE sector, along with a background in primary school teaching. Sanitra's passion lies in infant and toddler pedagogy and leadership in ECE.

Shuchita Jain is an educator-leader with more than 15 years’ experience in the field of primary education in India. She started as a reliever and now works as the Head Teacher at Kids Cove in Albany. She completed the Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood Education) and Master of Early Childhood Education from NZTC with distinction grades. She is interested in sustainable practices and creating new resources out of waste materials, and her work has been recognised by Auckland Council’s Sustainable Schools. She is a current NZTC Alumni member.

William Knight is currently a lecturer at Te Pūkenga | UCOL, in the Tohu Paetahi Akoranga | Bachelor of Teaching ECE programme. Previous to this, he was a lecturer for Te Pūkenga | Te Aho a Māui/EIT and then course leader and lecturer for Te Rito Maioha | Early Childhood New Zealand (ECNZ). He has recently completed a Master of Education, and prior to that, published a book chapter with Springer in early 2020. His research interests focus on developing teachers’ capacities in te reo and tikanga Māori, as well as supporting and acknowledging teachers’ workloads and challenges. 

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