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Volume 4, Number 2 - October 2015

Twelve Thousand Hours: Education and Poverty in Aotearoa New Zealand by Vicki Carpenter and Sue Osborne (Eds.)

Twelve Thousand Hours, edited by Vicki Carpenter and Sue Osborne, presents a wide range of perspectives on current issues around education and poverty in Aotearoa New Zealand. With past election and recent media attention highlighting the levels and impacts of poverty in our society, this timely publication captures the relationship between poverty and educational institutions and the shortfalls that exist in our educational policies. Carpenter and Osborne (2014) in their introduction chapter emphasise that there is a direct and strongly negative relationship between poverty and educational underachievement. “These are our problems; no other country shares our history, Treaty obligations, mix of people, ethnic diversity, and wealth of space, fresh air and opportunities. We need to find our solutions, and we feel that is best done largely from within” (Carpenter & Osborne, 2014, p. 13-14). This strong message serves as a reminder to practitioners and policymakers that more needs to be done in order to improve this appalling situation and the responsibility lies with all working in the educational sector here in Aotearoa New Zealand.


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