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Volume 4, Number 1 - April 2015

A library in your hand: Resources for meaningful play and early literacy

Public libraries provide both online and offline spaces where families can explore reading and early digital literacy. Many public libraries provide a range of digital resources to their members, which can usually be accessed through the library’s website. In addition, some libraries offer regular programmes or activities which give children, families and educators access to digital devices or resources.

For library members with access to the internet, most of Auckland Libraries’ Digital Library is available outside of the library setting and can open up a range of opportunities for families and early childhood educators to play and learn with stories and images, words and animation. Staff at Auckland libraries are also continuing to explore new ways to engage children who take part in regular library pre-school programmes, by utilising new digital devices and resources.

This paper examines the resources for young children in Auckland Libraries’ Digital Library which are accessible by library members with internet access. The paper will also share details, opportunities, and learnings from some of the library pilots developed to use a range of digital tools and applications in library programming for children, families and educators, including collaborations with third party providers. The library programmes described are typically attended by library members but are also open to non-members visiting the library.
Auckland Libraries’ Digital Library:


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