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Volume 4, Number 3 - April 2016


Nuhisifa Seve-WilliamsGlobal encounters in early childhood
Practitioner Researcher

Bridget JopsonAre early childhood centres breastfeeding friendly?

Tasneem MotiwalaA discussion of the quality of education with emphasis on early years in rural India

Mandeep KaurTheoretical foundations of positive child guidance

Farzaneh Moinian; Susanne Kjällander; Patrick DorlsMother tongue language teaching with digital tablets in early childhood education: A question of social inclusion and equity
Special Edition

Randy AlingalanMore than meets the eye: An observation on Deleuze and Guattari’s philosophy in a child’s art experience

Barbara ScanlanWorking conceptually with Deleuze and Guattari’s philosophy in relation to children’s artwork

Slavica Jovanovic; John RoderDisrupting the separation of adult and child worlds: The early childhood teacher as everyday philosopher

Kiri Gould; Jacoba MatapoWhat’s in a philosophy statement? A critical discourse analysis of early childhood centre philosophy statements in Aotearoa/New Zealand
Book Reviews

Nuhisifa Seve-WilliamsTe Reo Māori: He taonga mō ā tātou mokopuna edited by Roimata Rokx

Christoph TeschersThe autonomous child by Ivar Frønes

Christopher NaughtonThe beautiful risk of education by Gert Biesta


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