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Volume 4, Number 2 - October 2015


Christoph Teschers, Shirley Harris, Kaye KaraWell-being in early childhood education
Practitioner Researcher

Anna NilesAssessment practices within New Zealand early childhood settings

Sara MurrayEquitable teaching practicum: A key to success for immigrant Asian early childhood student teachers and their associates?

Olivia PaulThe complex needs of refugee background children in early childhood education: A brief review of the literature

Rebecca KendallCan you see me? Critical multiculturalism within early childhood education

Ra KeelanA Māori perspective of well-being

Heleine FekiKoe lālānga ‘eku mo’ui – A personal narrative on Tongan perspectives of wellbeing
Special Edition

Laura D’OlimpioTrust, well-being and the community of philosophical inquiry

Lacey Peters, Sonya Gaches, Beth Blue SwadenerNarratives on children’s rights and well-being

Christoph Teschers, Shirley HarrisThe notion of well-being in the New Zealand education system

Lesley RamekaTe Ira Atua: The spiritual spark of the child

Andrea Delaune, Louise TapperThe well-being of gifted young children: Perceptions, pedagogy, and governance
Book Reviews

Kaye KaraEarly childhood education and care: An introduction by Sheila Nutkins, Catriona McDonald and Mary Stephen

Maxine DyerInequality: A New Zealand crisis by Max Rashbrooke (Ed.)

Trish ThomasTwelve Thousand Hours: Education and Poverty in Aotearoa New Zealand by Vicki Carpenter and Sue Osborne (Eds.)


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