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Volume 3, Number 4 - July 2014


Christopher NaughtonMove, Act, Play, Sing (MAPS): Exploring early childhood arts teaching and learning through Community Arts interventions in Reggio Emilia inspired centres
Practitioner Researcher

Ann Margaret Coballes“Just people, legs, arms, and heads”: The process of arranging, organising and fitting together with reference to Emilia Reggio and Deleuzean theory

He Zhang“Can I have a new game?” Allowing multiplicity in children’s art experience

Barbara ScanlanSeeing ‘lines of flight’ in early childhood education as wonderful opportunities

Haixiao SunArt education jumps out from the frame
Special Edition

Marjolein Whyte, Christopher Naughton“What’s our next move?” Seeing children in the light of potentialities

Jacoba Matapo, John RoderMAPS: Living, moving, emerging assemblages

Christopher Naughton, David Lines, Tiffany Liao“…actually, with music, it just happens”: Interpreting signs within music in a performance arts based project MAPS
Book Reviews

Sujatha GomathinayagamCreative arts in education and culture by Samuel Leong and Bo Wah Leung (Eds.)

Pearl D’SilvaInternational perspectives in the early years by Linda Miller and Claire Cameron (Eds.)


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