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Volume 3, Number 2 - March 2013


Christopher NaughtonEarly Childhood Education: Politics, Policy and Curriculum Issues
Practitioner Researcher

Marilee PretoriusLong term and short term effects of child care

Debra RossCare giving policies and educational practices within early childhood education

Matma Sen GuptaCan we create a theoretical framework that integrates the roles of parent-teacher partnership?
Special Edition

Kym MacfarlaneEarly childhood education and care: The politics of existing in between

Helen Butcher, Richard EkeForgetting Kindness: Politics, policies and practice in early childhood education

Mark Nagasawa, Beth Blue SwadenerGlocalization, Neoliberal Policies, and Early Childhood in Kenya and Indigenous Communities in the United States
Book Reviews

Evonne PhillipsCritical Pedagogy for Early Childhood and Elementary Educators by Lois McFayden Christensen and Jerry Aldridge

Sujatha GomathinayagamScience Education During Early Childhood by Wolff-Michael Roth, Maria Ines Mafra Goulart, and Katerina Plakitsi

Pearl D’SilvaEarly Childhood Grows Up: Towards a Critical Ecology of the Profession by Linda Miller, Carmen Dalli and Mathias Urban


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