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Call for Papers

October 2017 edition 

We invite submissions for the October 2017 edition on: Weaving Biculturalism into our everyday ECE practices.

The Weaving Biculturalism into our everyday ECE practices edition welcomes articles that speak to areas in:

  • Tiriti-based early childhood education
  • Kaupapa Māori
  • Bicultural teaching and learning
  • Tiriti-based pedagogy
  • Development of bicultural resources
  • Developing bicultural competency

Final date for submission: 7July 2017

Criteria for He Kupu Journal Articles

Click here (PDF 289KB) to view Criteria for He Kupu Journal Articles.

How to submit your contribution

Electronic copies (in Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format) of authors' manuscripts should be sent to the editor Dr. Nuhisifa Seve-Williams on

Authors are required to also provide at the time of submission of their article:

  • biographical outline of their background and research interests, their institution, and their full contact details, not exceeding 200 words
  • an abstract not exceeding 200 words


Submissions should be the author's original research and/or discussion of issues and experiences. We accept empirical research, literature reviews, critical analyses, colloquia, case studies and reflections upon practice. Papers should be written in English and should be between 3000 and 5000 words for peer reviewed papers, and 1000 to 2000 words for commentaries that are not peer reviewed.


We use the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association ® (6th Edition) for referencing guidelines.

Style and Formatting

We ask that you follow the below formatting guidelines to help us with the editorial process:

  • Use 2.5cm margins on pages
  • Use Arial 12 pt font for the main text; put titles in Arial 12 pt bold and subheadings in Arial 12 pt italics
  • Ensure there is double spacing between lines
  • Number all pages
  • Do not indent paragraphs
  • Avoid using footnotes or endnotes
  • Embed any tables and figures in the document (i.e. do not attach as a separate document), and provide titles along the top of the figure or table. Captions should be situated beneath in Arial 8pt. Make sure tables do not exceed the 2.5cm margins
  • Use just one space between sentences
  • Titles of publications and organizations in text should be italicized
  • For emphasis, use italics (not quotation marks or capitals)
  • When using numbers, spell one through nine, including two-year-old, but use numerals for ‘Floor 8’ or ‘Level 1’. Write 10 and above in numerals, but spell out large rounded numbers such as one hundred and or one thousand. Use numerals for numbers like 1,200 or 101
  • Avoid capitalization unless referring to a specific person or organization; however, capitalize ‘World Wide Web’, ‘Web’, and ‘Internet’.

The Review Process

Papers submitted for peer review will be blind-reviewed by members of the Editorial Review Board. Commentaries, research and practice notes will not be edited in the review process. Once reviewed the author or principal author will be advised if there are amendments to the submission required.

Conditions for submission